Review of Feb and Preview of Mar

Lately, I was busy finding a challenging new job and getting rid of the boring old job which was part of my plan for work in 2013. As far as I have learned, the new job I was working on is much more rewarding and challenging. Tomorrow, I will move to the new place. I hope for the best.

I was used to and happy to have a well-regulated life yet the fact is, at the time being, life is not that pleasing.

Lack of Money Management: I have always keeping record of every spending in daily lives in the past few months, however, since I got back to the old job as a editor, I do not keep it anymore. I was just get bored of the work. In consequences, I get rid of almost anything not to mention the spending keeping. So, after I move to the new place, I will continue to take up this habit.

Lake of Time Management: In a way or other, time management have a lot to do with success. So, in the days to come, I will have special plans for every single hour. Also, I will also stick to the New Year Plan.

There are other problem that make me feel uncomfortable. One of my friends has just broken up with his girl friend. I do had have time meet him in person, I just say something comforting chatting with him on line. I need to talk to him this weekend.

Feb. is in chaos, I hope I can do great in my new job and keep my life fulling and simple.

P.S. It seems that this journal has nothing to do with the title of my blog pure sketch and comic pictures. Yes, is it. I will make up for it after I settle down in the new place.


5 thoughts on “Review of Feb and Preview of Mar

  1. Good luck with your new job. When you see your friend play “no woman no cry”by Bob Marley perhaps on you tube. Feel sad for 5 minutes, then tell him him his old Aussie Auntie said “go and get a new girlfriend. The girls are all out there waiting for boyfriends. 🙂

    • Thanks Ziggy! I feel better now since I moved to the new work place. I was looking forward to your letter. I managed to open the mail box last Thursday, however, I did not find it. So, I would like to know when did you mailed it. I hope I did not get it because of the delay. Is there a tracking code for this letter?

      • Oh no, not looking good. I posted the letter weeks ago. It had the address in English and Chinese clearly on the front. I didn’t send it as registered post just standard overseas airmail.

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