Messy Thoughts

I hate a disordered life.

I have been seeking a solution for a more ordered life style since April, that is when I start a new job. The new job is fine. I have a lot to do. But the fact is, everything is in a mess. I haven’t finish a task then comes another. Sometimes, I do not know which task to start with.

Or maybe it is not the work that bothers me. It is the sadness. Last week, I learned from my mom in the phone call that my grandma has just suffered from cerebral hemorrhage. I cannot believe it! My grandma is always healthy except for the hypertension. My mom told me that my grandma sometimes can not even recognize her. My grandma always love me since I was a little child. She always offers the best she could. She care much about me. Not long before, she was looking forward to see my girl friend. I have to tell her the truth that I hadn’t have one. To make she feel better, I promised I will bring the girl home as soon as possible. While for now, I do hope she can.
Ikea FrameSometime, cleaning the house can make me feel a bit more organized. So I fund this frame bought in IKEA. I had two of them. Back in 2011, that is the junior year of the college, I bought these. Why not draw a sketch. I haven’t sketch for a long time. Just miss it. I started to draw it at about 16:00 P.M. 21st April. It’s done at 1:00 A.M. 22nd April.
Exhausted, I slept.
I updated this after work.
Here is final work:
Final Work

Hope my grandma can recover soon! That is my biggest wish for the year.


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