A Journal Coming Late

Judged from the URL, this journal should be posted on 14 June. However it is updated today. I was thinking of writing something that day, but the tiredness made me put off the journal. The theme of it, I think I knows, so does she.

One week later, I do not feel that guilty. Anyway my intention was good. It is the best for both of us, especially for her. I just didn’t feel right. Still, I wish her all the best.

June is the graduation season, I come across the related news occasionally. This made me recall the those days in college, always so much fun! It kept the purest love I have ever had. The result is unpleasing, but the memories are sweet. In this materialistic society, I am not expecting that and won’t think about it. I just hope it comes in a natural way.


Surroundings of where I live

It has been nearly 4 month since I changed for the new job. Cannot believe it! Time passed really fast. It is raining intermittently all day long. The environment here is quite good. I can hear bird twittering here and there. It is peaceful, my mind however, is quite the opposite.

Though I have 2 days off this week, I feel like I am more busy than the working hours. Lately, I spend almost all my spare time working on the newly launched website: China Travel Advice. I rushed to my dorm immediately off duty. New ideas just keep popping into my head. I have to make all the good ideas happen. Sometimes one little problem will cost me hours. That is OK for I love working on these problems. What make thing worse is that I was attracted to other subjects which working on this problem. Pretty awkward.

Won’t stay up late and no more extra work for today.

Welcome, peaceful night~


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