Thanks for Keeping Me Company for 7 Months

Mel, thanks for keeping me company for 7 months. For this moment, I am grateful for all your time and attention.

From 1st May to today 30th November, everyday was bright despite some disagreement. You are not the most beautiful, but the most considerate girl I’v ever met. I like the feeling acting ourselves when we are having a relationship. You just being you, me just being me. And maybe because of this, I didn’t pay too much attention to your feelings. I was used to live on myself. I was too protective, I don’t show my feeling to others except for some of my best friends. Of course, I did show my feeling to you. But you said to me, for the first time, you never entered my inner world. I didn’t open my heart to you. You complain to me about my indifference. You said, you feel like you are on your own all the time.

I won’t deny. You are true about this. We keep different attitudes toward love. In your opinion, love is continuous concern. Well I think, love still lives despite we are apart. It is our personality that separate us. More accurately, it is my self-concern that make you feel like that I do not care too much about you even when we just start the relationship. I know that it is unlikely that I would change my nature. That’s why I didn’t insist for a second chance. You are afraid of being hurt. I am afraid of hurting you unintentionally. My heart is longing for you, but my personality keeps you away. Maybe it is the best for both of us ending this relationship.

If Recollecting Were Forgetting
Emily Dickinson

If recollecting were forgetting,
Then I remember not,
And if forgetting, recollecting,
How Near I had forget.

And if miss, were merry,
And to mourn, were gay,
How very blithe the fingers,
That gathered this, Today!

It is not all about miss and mourn. True, I miss you but I missed you. It is now more of lesson, open you heart when in love.

Mel, I remember this, when you meet the right girl, open your heart.
Thanks for sharing 7 months with me in your life time. I am grateful for all of these.
May happy will always be with you in the days to come.

Good Night!

0:08 1st Dec, 2013


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