Embracing the New Year

Time flies.

2013 has just ticked away . I was shocked as if I just undergone few things. Something happened last year was huge which made me feel like it was yesterday.

Recalling what happened last year, three things pop up into my head: new job, grandma passed away and failure in a relationship.
Changing for a new job is not that bad, at least you get paid for what you do. This is what I love about this job. But the other two things hurts.
I never thought I grandma would pass away all of a sudden. I always believe my grandma will live a long life. She was, in general, in good health good condition. Her passing away was a shock to all of us. She always love me and my sisters. She never say how she loves us, but we can tell from all the details. After my grandma’s death, every time I go home, I was used to expect my grandma. And every time I left home, I was expecting my grandma too who was used to say farewell to me. Tree prefer calm while wind not subside.It is not the fact we lost our family member that hurt, it is the contradiction that we are ready to pay respect to them, but they can not wait anymore. It occur to me that we should be really nice and kind to everybody we love.
The failure in relationship with a girl hurts too. The relationship last from the beginning of 1st May to 30th November. I give so much hope and energy to keep it running well, but it turned out to be a failure. Open your heart? Seriously? It is the so-called reality that beat us or her. Nothing to do to save this. It is doomed, to be honest, it kinda relief. Love bears no dishonesty.

Happy New Year 2014As the brand new year is in the making, I will embrace it with a big smile.
I hope all is well in 2014, especially my career.
To make this happen, I need to pay a little more attention to it and work extra hours on daily bases. To keep my work organized, I will add some work journal maybe on weekly or monthly basis.

Harder work, better career. That is the theme of year 2014 I suppose.



2 thoughts on “Embracing the New Year

  1. Sending you love and luck and Happy New Year wishes. Your Grandmother would have always felt your love and respect. We all need a “practice” love affair before “the real thing”. I think writing things down is an excellent tool for organisation.

    • Thank you very much for your well wish. I wish you happy in the days to come. You are right about the “practice”. And organization, yeah, that’s part of the reason we keep journals.

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