Hi, guys. I am Tony Frank from China. I am now living in Nanjing. When I have free time, I would love to sketch. Except for sketching, I also love keeping journals on WordPress, reading books, watching movies and playing basketball. And music, love that! Recent I am so addicted to STRONGER by Kelly Clarkson. Want to learn more about me? See my about.me profile.

Works of sketches will be updated regularly. Documenting musings is another aim of this blog. Sometimes I do not have spare time to draw pictures, but still, I can share some outstanding work by talented artist with their names added. Attracted by numerous photographic blogs, I am figuring out what makes an inspiring photography. Maybe you guys can offer me some suggestions.

Hope you like it!

Tony Frank


2 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hi, Jimi, So glad you liked “Email Just Ain’t It” on Paper, Mud and Me.
    I do not do very good at drawing. I do a little clay sculpture from time to time which is an escape from bowls, pots and mugs and writing novels. Love your art and will be following you to see more of it as you produce it.

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