Deep Sea Fish

Haven’t blogged since the New Year’s Eve. I always find it happy to muse and document. Sometime I was just bothered with hair-pulling problems. As a result, I do not have spare time and energy to draw any sketch or document the trivia. Recently I was faced with a problem – quitting the old job and get a new one. Finding a new job is not easy as a lot of college graduates are searching for jobs. Anyway, I have made up mine mind to change for another job. I wish to find a rewarding job as soon as possible and everything will just be fine. So that is the musing part. Let’s check out the “sketch” of this week, I do not know if it is a sketch. It is a work from my friend nick named “Ragged Bear”. Er … How to name it? What about fierce piranha?

piranhafierce deep sea fish

Good day, every one!


Sunny Sunday!

Haven’t feel good for several days. It is always overcast and rainy. Finally, it is sunny today. Here I would like to share my comic character designing last week!
Treant Comic PureSketch treant PureSketch DryadWhat about this designing? How you like it. Have a nice day!

I Am In Mood For Some Commics

I am so happy to blog about my comics. I am in mood for some comics, because lately, I was watching Ninja Turtles (2012 Edition). I have to say it is awesome!

No more talking, I also bring you a awesome comic picture, I call it Demon!



Do you guys like it?

Happy Thursday!

I will always be happy when it is Thursday, so is Fridays and Saturdays…Sundays make me feel that…hard to say, just cannot enjoy myself.

Anyway, I have worked out a sketch. I call it female MechWarrior.

sketch02 sketch03

That’s the sketch for this week 😛

Comics for This Week

This week I was not that busy, so I got time to draw one comic picture. Well, I can’t call it an original work. But I am learning to. Good original work starts from copying great art works!


puresketch comicsHope you guys like it!