Only One Sketch This Week

It is very HARD to log on wordpress for a Chinese because I have to use VPN to get on line. Or, wordpress will be blocked. Anyway, I managed to have access to it. So let’s head over my sketch for this week – still gladiator!



Hope you like it and have a nice day!


Ink/Pen Drawing – Gladiators

Haven’t posted a sketch for almost a week, it is time to get some updates. I have to admit that recently I am addicted to BBC one Sherlock Holmes. It a very exciting yet intricate TV series. I spent so much time watching it that less time was left for reading and sleeping. That’s very concentrated, isn’t it? Anyway, I am done watching it. Maybe I will post one review of it at this weekend. That’s the trivia, let see the ink sketch.

Gladiators Sketch Gladiators Ink Sketch

Is these sketches a little bit scary? If so, I shall post some mild ones.

Good day!

Ink/Pen Drawing – A Little Bird

Today, I going to present you a ink drawing. It is from one of my friend. He is quite good at I think. Here is another work of his, hope you like it!

a little bird ink drawing 02 a little bird pen drawing 01 a little bird pen drawing 03 a little bird pen drawing 04 a little bird pen drawing 05 Sketck finishedHave a nice day!

Ink/Pen Drawing – Church

It is pretty hard to have access to wordpress. I always love to post a journal or sketch. To be honest, I was busy with work these days. So today I will post a work from my friend. It is a ink drawing. Here it goes:
Ink Drawing - Church01 pen drawing - church Ink Drawing - Church03

So, do you like it?

Have a good day!

Happy Thursday!

I will always be happy when it is Thursday, so is Fridays and Saturdays…Sundays make me feel that…hard to say, just cannot enjoy myself.

Anyway, I have worked out a sketch. I call it female MechWarrior.

sketch02 sketch03

That’s the sketch for this week 😛