LOST & Goal

Lost and goal


The spirit is willing

20 May is nothing but a normal day in the rest of the world, however it is embodied with special meanings in China. May 20th – 520, in Chinese is “五二零”. The three numbers are pronounced pretty much like “我爱你”, translated into English – I love you. If Valentin’s Day is a day to show your love, as far as I am concerned, 20th May should be a day to express love to your lover. As for the time being, I do have some similar words to express. To the girl called Mel. We met on 1st May – International Labor Day. The chance is created by magic. At least I think it is kinda of magic. Want to know this girl? Click to check out!

The spirit is willing,

I would love to learn more about her. I want to get the job done. I hope to have free time. But the fact is I only have 24 hour for I single day. For now, it is hard to strike a balance among them. So I choose the first. We spend a wonderful weekends together.

She loves photography, here is her masterpiece (while travelling the Langshan Mountain) and also mine.

Butterfly in her camera

Butterfly in her camera

Butterfly in my camera

Butterfly in my camera

OK, I admit hers is much better!

But, the flesh is weak…

I need some rest! zZ…