Messy Thoughts

I hate a disordered life.

I have been seeking a solution for a more ordered life style since April, that is when I start a new job. The new job is fine. I have a lot to do. But the fact is, everything is in a mess. I haven’t finish a task then comes another. Sometimes, I do not know which task to start with.

Or maybe it is not the work that bothers me. It is the sadness. Last week, I learned from my mom in the phone call that my grandma has just suffered from cerebral hemorrhage. I cannot believe it! My grandma is always healthy except for the hypertension. My mom told me that my grandma sometimes can not even recognize her. My grandma always love me since I was a little child. She always offers the best she could. She care much about me. Not long before, she was looking forward to see my girl friend. I have to tell her the truth that I hadn’t have one. To make she feel better, I promised I will bring the girl home as soon as possible. While for now, I do hope she can.
Ikea FrameSometime, cleaning the house can make me feel a bit more organized. So I fund this frame bought in IKEA. I had two of them. Back in 2011, that is the junior year of the college, I bought these. Why not draw a sketch. I haven’t sketch for a long time. Just miss it. I started to draw it at about 16:00 P.M. 21st April. It’s done at 1:00 A.M. 22nd April.
Exhausted, I slept.
I updated this after work.
Here is final work:
Final Work

Hope my grandma can recover soon! That is my biggest wish for the year.


Time Flies

It has been almost a month since my last post Review of Feb and Preview of Mar. I have to admit that time flies or I have been too lazy to add a new post. March, as I have mentioned in the last post, is the beginning of my new job. It is still too early to tell if this job is the best choice, but so far, one thing is certain: it is a better choice compared with the job as an editor. Everything is hard in the beginning, so is the a new job. I find it a bit awkward moving into a brand new environment. Luckily, new colleagues are willing to help. This made me recall those days in the my former company: colleagues are busy with their own stuff, they do less talking. Sometime colleagues do the talking by chatting on line even if they sit side by side. Hard to believe. I got to be social, I have to communicate with clients, at least I will in the few months to come.  I have to participate in some fairs. These are great opportunities to get new clients and get to know new cities. But my new job is not all about the positive changes. The new company is located in an industrial park which implies a countryside with traffic inconvenience. So I cannot meet with my friends that frequently. Mentioning having fun with my friends, I do have some fun on 24th, Mar, a sunny Sunday. We were enjoying the beauty of oriental cherry along with other kinds of flower in Nanjing Forestry University. Here are the photos shot by my Canon SX240 HS!

Here are some more photos during the business trip in Shanghai.

It is 00:18 now.

Good night! China.

Review of Feb and Preview of Mar

Lately, I was busy finding a challenging new job and getting rid of the boring old job which was part of my plan for work in 2013. As far as I have learned, the new job I was working on is much more rewarding and challenging. Tomorrow, I will move to the new place. I hope for the best.

I was used to and happy to have a well-regulated life yet the fact is, at the time being, life is not that pleasing.

Lack of Money Management: I have always keeping record of every spending in daily lives in the past few months, however, since I got back to the old job as a editor, I do not keep it anymore. I was just get bored of the work. In consequences, I get rid of almost anything not to mention the spending keeping. So, after I move to the new place, I will continue to take up this habit.

Lake of Time Management: In a way or other, time management have a lot to do with success. So, in the days to come, I will have special plans for every single hour. Also, I will also stick to the New Year Plan.

There are other problem that make me feel uncomfortable. One of my friends has just broken up with his girl friend. I do had have time meet him in person, I just say something comforting chatting with him on line. I need to talk to him this weekend.

Feb. is in chaos, I hope I can do great in my new job and keep my life fulling and simple.

P.S. It seems that this journal has nothing to do with the title of my blog pure sketch and comic pictures. Yes, is it. I will make up for it after I settle down in the new place.

Deep Sea Fish

Haven’t blogged since the New Year’s Eve. I always find it happy to muse and document. Sometime I was just bothered with hair-pulling problems. As a result, I do not have spare time and energy to draw any sketch or document the trivia. Recently I was faced with a problem – quitting the old job and get a new one. Finding a new job is not easy as a lot of college graduates are searching for jobs. Anyway, I have made up mine mind to change for another job. I wish to find a rewarding job as soon as possible and everything will just be fine. So that is the musing part. Let’s check out the “sketch” of this week, I do not know if it is a sketch. It is a work from my friend nick named “Ragged Bear”. Er … How to name it? What about fierce piranha?

piranhafierce deep sea fish

Good day, every one!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Today is Chinese New Year – year of snake, the most festive festival in China. To most people in the world, the New Year starts from January 1st in 2013, while in China, the New Year start from the Spring Festival. I have no idea if the foreigners know this festival, maybe, people live near the China Town does. The Spring Festival means a lot for Chinese. It is the time for the reunion of all family members. Daughters and sons come all the way from their workplace to spend the New Year festival with their parents. Different from people from the western countries, most Chinese do not usually say phrases like “I love you so much” to their parents; they would like to “express” this by sharing their happiness in this past year, bring their beloved ones home and of course giving some surprise gifts.

The spring festival to me is more special this year, because last year is the year of college graduation as well as the start of my work. My role changes in year 2012. I had been a student for more than 16 years. Now I am happy to get a job and start a living by myself. I have to share more responsibility of my family and consider building a new family which is pretty hard yet sweet. My parents and my grandma are very happy when I got home yesterday. Like other sons, I brought them gift. Actually, they do not care about the gift, what they really want is that you can come home safe and sound. In a word, I shall share more responsibility and put more attention of the well being of my family.

I used to keep a document after the end of every academic year. Nothing will change with this, but I would like to have it in a different way- keeping document in this journal. It will be much easier to browse through this journal than the document. There were a conclusion for the past year and new plans for the New Year. This tradition, as always, will be kept.

How was everything going in 2012?
In general, I was doing OK but not that satisfactory last year. I wasn’t doing great in the job. To be honest, I do not love the job I was doing, that is why I was planning changing for a new job. Study is a life-long project, but I didn’t stick to this since I graduated from school. There will always be excuses when I do not want to read books. This will be changed in the New Year as I was launching a book-reading project. As for the dating issue, terrible! Just didn’t find the right girl, anyway, it is not easy to find the Miss. Right. But I will try my best. I pray for the best luck.

Plans for year 2013
The job I am working on is a plain and boring work; it is time to change for a new one. But for the safe purpose, I will not change the present job until I find a new one.
Study is the life-long project. I would like to continue this. So I will start a book reading project – 2 books for each month (a Chinese book either about the literature or history plus one English book on whatever subject). Reading without thinking means noting, thus a category named book review will be added. In this category I will document my review each books I read. If this project is conducted very well, there will be at least 24 book reviewed.
Entertainment: I love watching movies very much. But watching movie is time consuming. So I will pick some classic ones and write the movie reviews once a week. Probably a category named movie review will be added. I seldom travel last year. I hope I can spend some time traveling. There is no need to add a new category. I will put them in the travel journals tagged travel.
Exercise: This is the daily routine I have been sticking with for more than 3 years and I will stick to it for the years to come. Push-ups is my favorite exercise. Easy and efficient. Simply doing this is not enough, I should do some more extra exercise – basketball.

That is the overview the old story and the plans for the New Year. I hope everything will go on as the schedule.

Happy year of snake! Happy Chinese New Year to all!

Beijing 0:06 Today
London 16:06 Yesterday
New York 11:06 Yesterday
Berlin 17:06 Yesterday

Only One Sketch This Week

It is very HARD to log on wordpress for a Chinese because I have to use VPN to get on line. Or, wordpress will be blocked. Anyway, I managed to have access to it. So let’s head over my sketch for this week – still gladiator!



Hope you like it and have a nice day!

New Way of Documenting Life

I have being considering to buy a digital camera weeks ago since I fund many blogger beautify and enrich their articles with stunning photos. It is a vivid way to keep journals. Our memories may not last long, but the photos will. That is the beauty of photo – recording the fleeting moments. After much consideration, I bought this Canon SX240 HS on Wednesday. The DC was delivered to me today. Here are the photos of this “beauty”.

Canon SX240HS front Canon SX240HS back

Just love it! It costs me 1390 RMB. I will make the most of it in the days to come! Maybe I shall add a category named Photograph? That is too serious. How can I call it photography if I cannot take gorgeous photos? But I am determined to name it this way, what I can do is to do better in “documenting life with graphics”. Maybe I will get improved a few days/weeks/months later. Time will tell.

I was intended to post a sketch today, but time is late, I shall go to bed now (Backing to work from weekends sucks!) I will try manage to get updated with my sketches.

See you guys tomorrow!

Ink/Pen Drawing – Gladiators

Haven’t posted a sketch for almost a week, it is time to get some updates. I have to admit that recently I am addicted to BBC one Sherlock Holmes. It a very exciting yet intricate TV series. I spent so much time watching it that less time was left for reading and sleeping. That’s very concentrated, isn’t it? Anyway, I am done watching it. Maybe I will post one review of it at this weekend. That’s the trivia, let see the ink sketch.

Gladiators Sketch Gladiators Ink Sketch

Is these sketches a little bit scary? If so, I shall post some mild ones.

Good day!

Musings This Week

No comics or sketches today. This is purely a journal. As I love pictures very much, I shall add a gorgeous picture related to the journal. I love all kinds of pictures – sketches, water color, comics, you name it. In contrast, it feel tired reading a book which is only fill with words. This is part of the reason why I do not like politics or history – course books for politics or history is mainly stuffed with word. Hate that!

Working on the computer

Working on the computer

This week everything comes back to normal. I do not have to think about the dating issue which is very time and energy consuming. I get up very early at about 6:50 A.M. Go to work. My work is quite simple, but it drives me crazy when the computer doesn’t work or the net connection is unavailable temporarily. The worst thing of my job is that I cannot have a normal amount of exercise. Sitting in the chair, staring at the key board and typing on the keyboard is my job. The only chance to get some “exercise” is going to the restroom or filling the bottle. Very tiring! Actually I have thought about changing for another job, probably after the Spring Festival.

Friday was not bad! Our team (5 people including me) had a gathering/dinner together. Eating for free and exchanging gossip is all the fun. If I take on another job as I have planed, I won’t have much time working them. I shall treasure the moments with them, they all good girls. X.T Zhang, Jing T, J.P. Liu, Pan L.

I got to my ordinary life and enjoyed it very much. From my perspectives, life should be like this, simple but decorated with small surprises. We should be grateful of that! Yes, small surprises – tomorrow is Saturday!

Ink/Pen Drawing – A Little Bird

Today, I going to present you a ink drawing. It is from one of my friend. He is quite good at I think. Here is another work of his, hope you like it!

a little bird ink drawing 02 a little bird pen drawing 01 a little bird pen drawing 03 a little bird pen drawing 04 a little bird pen drawing 05 Sketck finishedHave a nice day!