New Way of Documenting Life

I have being considering to buy a digital camera weeks ago since I fund many blogger beautify and enrich their articles with stunning photos. It is a vivid way to keep journals. Our memories may not last long, but the photos will. That is the beauty of photo – recording the fleeting moments. After much consideration, I bought this Canon SX240 HS on Wednesday. The DC was delivered to me today. Here are the photos of this “beauty”.

Canon SX240HS front Canon SX240HS back

Just love it! It costs me 1390 RMB. I will make the most of it in the days to come! Maybe I shall add a category named Photograph? That is too serious. How can I call it photography if I cannot take gorgeous photos? But I am determined to name it this way, what I can do is to do better in “documenting life with graphics”. Maybe I will get improved a few days/weeks/months later. Time will tell.

I was intended to post a sketch today, but time is late, I shall go to bed now (Backing to work from weekends sucks!) I will try manage to get updated with my sketches.

See you guys tomorrow!