Sunny Sunday!

Haven’t feel good for several days. It is always overcast and rainy. Finally, it is sunny today. Here I would like to share my comic character designing last week!
Treant Comic PureSketch treant PureSketch DryadWhat about this designing? How you like it. Have a nice day!


I Am In Mood For Some Commics

I am so happy to blog about my comics. I am in mood for some comics, because lately, I was watching Ninja Turtles (2012 Edition). I have to say it is awesome!

No more talking, I also bring you a awesome comic picture, I call it Demon!



Do you guys like it?

I am happy to be here!

I am happy to post journals on wordpress.

Browsing through a lot of blogs on wordpress, I fund many people keep fantastic journal here, So I would like to keep a journal here. I like drawing pictures, so maybe I can post some of my works here. It is also a great place to communicate! If you have any advice for my sketches or comic pictures, please let me know. I would appreciate that.

A few of my sketches are coming soon!