Musings This Week

No comics or sketches today. This is purely a journal. As I love pictures very much, I shall add a gorgeous picture related to the journal. I love all kinds of pictures – sketches, water color, comics, you name it. In contrast, it feel tired reading a book which is only fill with words. This is part of the reason why I do not like politics or history – course books for politics or history is mainly stuffed with word. Hate that!

Working on the computer

Working on the computer

This week everything comes back to normal. I do not have to think about the dating issue which is very time and energy consuming. I get up very early at about 6:50 A.M. Go to work. My work is quite simple, but it drives me crazy when the computer doesn’t work or the net connection is unavailable┬átemporarily. The worst thing of my job is that I cannot have a normal amount of exercise. Sitting in the chair, staring at the key board and typing on the keyboard is my job. The only chance to get some “exercise” is going to the restroom or filling the bottle. Very tiring! Actually I have thought about changing for another job,┬áprobably after the Spring Festival.

Friday was not bad! Our team (5 people including me) had a gathering/dinner together. Eating for free and exchanging gossip is all the fun. If I take on another job as I have planed, I won’t have much time working them. I shall treasure the moments with them, they all good girls. X.T Zhang, Jing T, J.P. Liu, Pan L.

I got to my ordinary life and enjoyed it very much. From my perspectives, life should be like this, simple but decorated with small surprises. We should be grateful of that! Yes, small surprises – tomorrow is┬áSaturday!