Deep Sea Fish

Haven’t blogged since the New Year’s Eve. I always find it happy to muse and document. Sometime I was just bothered with hair-pulling problems. As a result, I do not have spare time and energy to draw any sketch or document the trivia. Recently I was faced with a problem – quitting the old job and get a new one. Finding a new job is not easy as a lot of college graduates are searching for jobs. Anyway, I have made up mine mind to change for another job. I wish to find a rewarding job as soon as possible and everything will just be fine. So that is the musing part. Let’s check out the “sketch” of this week, I do not know if it is a sketch. It is a work from my friend nick named “Ragged Bear”. Er … How to name it? What about fierce¬†piranha?

piranhafierce deep sea fish

Good day, every one!